Cypress is our main wood that we work with. It is our staple, and as such it has become the easiest to work with and manipulate. It is also the largest lengthwise of our available woods. We have easily completed two 25' 7" tables and will be working on larger tables soon. We do have one 33 foot table for sale.

Cypress comes in two forms: standing and sunken. Standing cypress are cut down in the normal fashion and stocked for drying. This form of cypress is fairly light in color and has a tan or yellow look to it.

Sunken cypress logs are from the logging days of old where logs happened to sink while in transit down the rivers. The slabs that come from these logs are streaked with bands of color. The slab itself is also much more of a golden brown than the traditional standing cypress. It has red, yellow, and black streaks in it with a waterwashed edge on each side which we leave to add character.


We call this "lightered" wood, but it is also called petrified or heart pine. Lightered wood is often used to start fires due to its high sap content. This feature allows for very smooth finishing and bright amber and red coloring. It also makes the wood very dense or heavy and hard to break.

This wood is very hard to find and is reserved for some of the most intricate pieces.


Our juniper comes from the northern mid-west area of the U.S. and has to deal with very harsh and windy environments. As such, it is a very gnarly wood. We tend to use it as leg material for tables due to it's unique shape. We have also been able to get large enough pieces to allow us to slab them for top pieces.

It has two main veins when viewed from the outside. There is a normal bark and a smoother blonde vein. These look like two different colored cords that are twisted around each other.