I am a carpenter by trade, and a woodsman by choice. I started making furniture back in _____ when I pieced together some cypress to make a chair and loveseat combo. I soon was able to find some sunken cypress logs from a contact in North Florida and started making tables. Tables are where my heart is at. Being the first person to open a log up and show the colors of the wood that hasn't seen air or sunlight in a hundred years is exciting.

I was able to purchase chainsaws from Canada because the US doesn't carry the lengths of the bar or the horsepower that was needed to saw through a 5 foot wide log. On the main page of this website it shows me with a 6 foot bar. I thought that was big until I purchased one measuring 8 feet..

Lightwood (fatwood, lightered wood or stumps, stumpwood)- Coniferous wood having an abnormally high content of resin and therefore easily set alight (afire). (USDA Forest Service)